Victory Day

May. 9th, 2010 09:59 pm
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I don't remember the date when the second world war actualy stopped, but, as any russian, I know that the may 9, 1945 is the end of Great Patriotic War. That's how it is called in our country. This day is always a day off, and on the main square of every major city militray forces perform a parade. This year, there was a major change in the way of performing it - in whole country parades started in one time. From 10.00 at Moskow, to 17.00 at my city. Lenin square and surrounding roads were closed, people grouped at the borders to watch. But Lenin square in our city is placed very inconviniently, if you want to watch something that happens on it. It's surrounded by four huge buildings - Medical Univercity, White House, Far Eastern Bank and a huge historical building, which is hospital nowadays. Also, streets were extremely crowded, so I and my friend walked a very long distance through crowd, trying to find a good place to make photos. Crowd was ridiculously huge, so we gived up our tryes to take photoes of parade itself, and decided to photo some military veichles. I am not good ad photography, so don't blame me if something is wrong with my photoes. I took photoes of my city streets too. Well, enjoy.

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I'm joking, it's alive, just sleeps near the box. But let's leave the cat alone, and focus on xbox. I am a playstation consoles owner, somebody even calls me a sonyboy. Whatever. Then, why there is an xbox in my posession? Well, the one I have is dead. It has a E74 error, and I've bougnt it for 600 rubls, it's nearly 20$. Also, there is a DC adaptor, component\composite av cable, 20 GB hdd, and a warranty (useless in my case). The guy from whom I got it has already bough nimself a new one. He's a rich ass, instead of me. So, i think you will forgive me, that I didn't tell heim that cables and stuff are expensive too, and his console can be reanimated. There is a way to fix this error, and I'm going to do it next week, after my friend will give me my pack of screwdrivers back. Also, it's CD-ROM still has stock firmware, so I will say hello to piracy too. What games should I play on it, if I won't fuck up with anything, and it will work again? Mass Effect? Oh, a hate it. Gears of War? Probably, but just to experience what it looks like. Bayonetta? I've got it on PS3. Fighting games? Same as Bayonetta. Then what? I'll tell you. Deathsmiles, Mushihimesama, Dodonpachi Black Label, Espgaluda II Black Label. Bullet Hell scrollshooting games. There are lots of such games on X360, and almost none on PS3. I've searched all the PSNs, Russian, Chineese, American, Japaneese... Nothing!
I can understand why they release it on X360. Blue ray discs are expensive and too big for such games. But there is a PSN, and lots of people will buy that games there! I've bought a MvC2, God of War 3 and some DLCs. Then why not to sell scrollshooters through it? Who knows.

Don't blame my shity english, I'm russian anyway. If something is wrong, don't laugh, just say how to do it right.


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